25jan12 1pm A large person on a motorcycle(897) stopped at my front gate and kicked the mail box and bent it..i caught him on a secret camera(motion detect) he had on heavy clothes and helmet..Didn't see face..looked like 200 kilo plus, about 5'10"..slow moving. There has been intense shooting at my house, as usual..heavy on the hailing device in my ear 24/7..my son got another black eye(pushed down) over the weekend, another fever, my daughter got a fever and my wife got sick. The same guys are responsible..the two chicken boys(land based transducers,etc) and BOBBIE and BIRDIE(UAV DRONE OPERATORS)..897 could have been either of these guys. May 1,2012 these guys get turned over to the UNITED NATIONS in NY NY, USA and we'll see how New York likes sadists pedophiles.