07nov11 There has been talk that all this equipment up to the UAV DRONES was just for me and my family....i am now privy to new information that young THAI prisoners are being used as GUINEA pigs either knowingly or unknowingly...both female and male prisoners are sent to locations in this valley to work in the out of doors and be able to get out of the day to day prison settings. I believe it is a total secret and not any of the prison officials know what happens to them after they get here....no problem, but someone has been facilitating these work oportunities before the new equipment got here. One prisoner was cut in a fight across the street from our house and a local resident had to face charges...about 11 years ago. like i said, testing new hardware and software...i would guess that the language barrier(out of town english package) is being converted to better understand thai phonemes. In addition, the lie dectector software, entrainment, and much more can be tested..if the prisoners have any secrets, they won't after the entrainment testing..constitutional rights???sure and what's the excuse for Klong Ten(our other house 1 hr away)..they test them there also...somewhere???i'll find out for meself..big money..big aspirations http://s936.photobucket.com/albums/ad206/asdfghjkl11/DAILY%20TORTURE%20SYMPTOMS%20HOSPITALIZATIONS/