7thtorture June 3, 2009 I started recording the torture of my son Brahm who hAd only been born a few weeks ago on April 29, 2009. The Nakhon Nayok Torture Group headed up by the two chicken boys and the two 7 11 boys and four foreign white males made a conscious decision to include my newborn baby in their torture fiasco that started the first day we moved into Nakhon Nayok, Thailand on June 13, 2000. They had me hooked up to a hailing device where they could communicate with me only. They can talk to me with my wife or children there and only I can hear. It is old technology called subliminal communication using infrasound and ultrasound straight into the head. I recorded seven of the tortures before my son was wounded with the infrasound/ultrasound coming from the west of our house in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. He had to have an emergency operation to correct a herniation that occured at the top of his crrotum. He could have died if the veins had gotten tangled up at the herneation. When they first started using the large commercial transducer system/s then located on a jungle hillside prior to the torture of my son, I was hospitalized several times with serious grand mal seizures due to cranial heating from the 164dB ultrasound heat. Several women had already died from the same 164dB. One lady ived in the straight path of one of the Transducers and she died from an aneurysm. Another older lady died within the same time frame and right across the street. Dozens of people had to get appendectomies. The Nakhon Nayok Torture Group had been born. see video of 7th torture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/asdfghjkl11/5933396947/in/photostream